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Rules & Regulation

Buy For Me & Ship For Me Rules & Regulation:

  • Customs clearance and doorstep delivery are included in all sea freight orders. If the items that you bought was confiscated or impose taxes by the authorities and customs (refer to our prohibited items list), Shoppacino will not bear any responsibility for those action & taxes by customs. For those who wish to self-collect their items, please refer to our How To Order and Our Charges or Contact Us for more details.

  • Buy For Me - After you received the items and you discover that the seller deliver the wrong item, less, broken or missing, please inform our customer service immediately, and take pictures of the China courier service bill, seller delivery order, the item (broken/wrong) and packaging together with information, such as the Order ID and Items ID and send to our email: . We will try our best to assist you to negotiate with the seller and seek the best solution to solve the issue. But there's some irresponsible & bad attitude seller that do not take responsibility for their mistake. We have no choice and only can complain to the website (TaoBao, TMall..). It is important that you choose to purchase from a good and reliable seller, this is to avoid any losses or unhappy experience.
  • Ship For Me - All Ship For Me items will be purchased and paid by customers then provide our China warehouse details to the seller to deliver your items to our warehouse, please provide the correct details to your seller to avoid any lost or send to the wrong recipient. Please liaise with your seller on the express no. , because there are cases whereby the actually sent item's express no. is different from what the seller provided in their system. If you did not fill in or the details that you fill in is incorrect or false, your parcel will consider unidentified/unknown parcel, we will ignore and have the right to on hold it from shipping arrangement. If your Ship For Me items found out to be prohibited/restricted items (refer to Prohibited Item List), it will be confiscated and pursued by the authorities or customs, Shoppacino will not bear all the responsibilities.

  • As for Shoppacino's business module is an agent help to buy and provide transportation services to customers and only charge the service fee, it will not be responsible for any seller's product quality issue and mistake or the buyer's mistaken ordered, but if it is a mistake by our Shoppacino operation, we will take full responsibility and will seek the best solution to settle it. 
  • All ETA (Estimate Arrival Date) of the goods is provided by the shipping company and is an estimated date, not an actual arrival date. Once your goods arrived, we will immediately deliver it to you or inform those who self-collect. A few circumstances might cause of delay shipment; China long festival holiday, natural disaster or weather, customs clearance or process.
  • All delivery of replacement items by the seller will charge according to as selected in the previous order's Delivery Method Charges (Continue every weight/continue every m3).
  • All Buy For Me item ordering process will only proceed once payment (1st payment) deduct from customers Top-up account. International delivery progress will only proceed after the system auto deducts the charges (2nd payment) in Top-up account done. Please make sure your Top-up account have enough balance to avoid any delay of shipment arrangement. There will be an email notification if your top-up account does not have enough balance for deductions.

  • All balance in the Top-up account is non-cash refundable. Included refunds from the seller (out of stock/compensation), will be transferred to your Shoppacino Top-up account. Your can check your Top-up status and account balance statement in My Account.
  • If there's any item's price increased and the adjusted amount below RMB10 by the seller, our operation team will proceed and deduct from your Top-up account balance and an email will send to inform you without waiting for your confirmation.
  • If the item's price increased and the adjusted amount is more than RMB10 above, we will immediately inform you by email and wait for your permission to proceed, if there's no respond from you, we will cancel the item's ordering after 1 working day.